Hollywood Has Always Been A Popularity Contest

In cinema of the past and the present, one question has always prevailed: Who's who? In a city ruled by popularity, ratings are everything.
By using this visualization, we'll help you see what kinds of movies are sitting atop the iron throne of Hollywood.

First Stop: The Big Picture

This following linechart will give you an idea of the various trends we've been seeing in cinema these past few years.
Use the selector to see how popular different genres of movies have been from 2010-2016 based on aggregation of the total
Facebook likes movies in these genres had.

Release Year:
Gross Earnings:
IMDB Score:
Movie Likes:
Cast Likes:

After a bit of interaction and analysis, it's apparent there are large shifts in the popularity of genres. It seems that even drama,
the beloved darling of Los Angeles and the Oscars themselves has fallen from grace.

Next Up: Name Isn't Everything

William Goldman once said, "In Hollywood, no one knows anything."

But our data tells a different story. In fact, it seems people in Hollywood know quite a lot of things -- particularly,
about making a successful movie. The following charts continue our theme of popularity.

The left compares a movie's IMDB score to its duration, while the right compares IMDB scores to cast popularity. Points on both graphs are
sized according to the director's popularity (his or her total Facebook likes). You can also select regions on each chart to highlight it's
corresponding points on the other... A bit redundant, we know, but we want to drive our message home.

“In Hollywood, no
one knows anything.”

So what's the take home message? We know these charts can be a bit much to digest, so let's take a look together. Immediately, we can see that
IMDB scores vary across all durations and all cast popularities, but not without some trends. For duration, the most successful movies seem to be
75 to 175 minuteslong, and accordingly, the vast majority of films are between these two lengths.

We see less of a correlation for movie success to cast popularity, but there's still a lot to notice. Primarily, nearly all films with famous casts have
rather high ratings. In other words, Hollywood knows that a good cast and a medium-length runtime usually makes for a good movie.

Wrapping Up: What's the Big Idea?

Now you know a bit more about the factors that directly lead to a movies success, and the trends our visualizations display
show that Hollywood is already cognizant of these factors. So now close out our info vis escapade by zooming out and taking a look at
everybody's favorite movie rating: IMDB Score. The follow chart plots (rounded) IMDB scores against the number of movies that
received those scores over the past few years.

Immediately, we notice that despite knowing what goes into a successful movie, Hollywood is pretty good at making mediocre films!
The most common scores are right in the middle of IMDB's 0-10 ranking, with 5 and 6 being the highest occurring scores in recent years.

So maybe old William Goldman was right, nobody in Hollywood may actually know anything!

That's All Folks!

Created with love for cinema, info vis, and programming by Nouzhan Vakili Dastjerd